About Special Security Force

Locally owned and operated with over 20+ years of combined experience and industry knowledge.
Special Security Force is one of the most reputable patrol and uniformed guard services in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. Licensed by the State of Arizona, Special Security Force is fully covered with Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation for all their employee’s.

Special Security Force developed a solid system for delivering security solutions providing its customers with DPS licensed Armed and Unarmed guards that are highly trained and vetted. They have the necessary skills and experience to provide top quality security services.

Special Security Force prides themselves on the professionalism increased with training and experience. Our field personnel are continually trained in-house and on-site in the changing needs of this industry, and in response to the client's individual needs.

Our Guards

All officers are licensed by the Department of Public Safety, requiring an intensive background check, fingerprint check, criminal background check and successful completion of a D.P.S. sanctioned training program. Our officers will monitor the interior and exterior of your property and any goods, equipment, vehicles, or whatever the client’s needs are located on the property. The officer will observe and report any suspicious persons, activity or incidents in the area, and conduct traditional crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws. In the case of an incident, the officer will notify both local law enforcement and the business owner/resident. Our security officers also work closely with local law enforcement agencies to better serve the community needs, and to help prevent criminal activities from occurring.